All Perth Dance Centre  Faculty are professionals in their chosen genre of dance and its our mission to inspire, motivate and educate all of our students. All Faculty members have a current Working with Children Permit

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Kelly and Marc Millikan - Directors PDC


At the young age of two, Kelly Millikan was enrolled into her first dance classes at Valerie Heston School of Dance.
Competing in Dance competitions at the age of seven years and performing in annual concerts gave her the passion, love and strive for dance. Having tuition in styles of Jazz, Tap and Ballet and completing RAD and CSTD examinations to receive her certificate in dance, Kelly started to teach at local Dancing Schools. After seven years of teaching, Kelly had a dream of opening a dance school where students could express themselves through dance in a safe professional environment without being discriminated. In 2003 Perth Dance Centre was created.

Having the studio for now fifteen years, Kelly and Marc have really created a home away from home atmosphere where all the students truly care for one another and create friendships to last a lifetime. We pride ourselves one being able to provide the best tuition available, with workshops, Sydney trips and Disney Trips to keep the students of Perth Dance Centre always learning and striving for new goals. 
“We have been truly blessed to have such amazing students, Faculty team and parents with us through all these years. Being able to watch the students grow and become incredible performers, is the biggest gift anyone could give us. There are moments where our breath is taken away , watching how far students have come and we are very proud of them. To be able to share our passion of dance with our two children is truly a gift. We cant believe this is our 15th Anniversary since first opening our doors, but watch in 2017 as Perth Dance Centre is becoming even BIGGER"

Kelly and Marc Millikan
Perth Dance Centre



Cassie Sofield

In 1998 I started my journey into the love of dance. I started learning jazz and tap but wanted to go to a school that offered a more modern unique style of dance.  I remember going to the studio and meeting Kelly the day it opened in 2003, I started my first senior jazz class when I was 12 years old. I found my love for dance again and before I knew it I was in the 16 and under elite troupe the next year.

With Kelly as my teacher I was introduced to Hip Hop, Lyrical and so much more! Over the last few years I have concentrated on expanding my talent and knowledge in hip hop and have loved every moment. PDC has given me so many amazing opportunities such as competitions, work shops and taking the students and teachers to the Global Dance Convention, held in Sydney.

There's nothing I love more than teaching my students choreography and watching them strive and grow as dancers.

Perth Dance Centre is an amazing school where anyone can come and feel at home whilst getting the most professional and sought after choreography.Ten years on and I am still learning so much from the PDC team.

It's my escape, where I come to dance my emotions but most of all to have fun

Shikiah Swift

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Alicia Rawlinson

Alicia has been training at Perth Dance Centre for 12 years. She has been trained in Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop and Lyrical however she has a special passion for Jazz and Lyrical.

She has also competed in local dance competitions in solos and trope dances.she has a passion for stretching and technique and shares this with her students.

Alicia has been teaching at PDC for 6 years and enjoys the many relationships she has developed with her students and the individual journeys the have each gone through.

Alicia looks forward to sharing her passion and love for dance with the students of Perth Dance Centre.

Shannon Monson

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Charity Ng

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Alanna Surveson

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Adriel Ng

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Emily Petersen

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Ziara Sujud

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Layelle Chami

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Keah Blakemore

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